November 20, 2018 (Ottawa, ON) – Fire Safety & Protection, LLC (“FSP”) acquired Noti-SECUR, Inc. (Secur Fire Protection or “SECUR”) on November 16, 2018.

Secur Fire Protection is known as a local leader in the fire & life safety industry throughout the greater Ottawa market and for its high level of customer service and technical expertise.

The acquisition of Secur Fire Protection is an exciting start for the Fire Safety & Protection platform. Fire Safety & Protection, based in Atlanta, GA, is an emerging high-growth fire & life safety business that is building a strong presence in Canada and the U.S. FSP seeks to grow through partnering with like-minded small businesses across Canada and the U.S. FSP was founded by Sunny River Management, LLC (SRM), a private family investment firm based in Atlanta, GA. SRM focuses on taking a long-term view in building great mid-sized businesses in highly desirable industries, with a focus on industries that impact safety and human well-being.

Secur Fire Protection customers should expect the same unwavering commitment to customer service and the same high level of service they have come to expect from SECUR over the past several years. Jeff Singleton will remain with Secur Fire Protection as General Manager for several years to oversee continued growth under new ownership. Bernie Seguin is staying with SECUR as well and will support Jeff as Head of Operations. FSP and the SECUR management team share the same views regarding customer service and look forward to serving customers better through continued growth of SECUR and FSP as a whole.

“The acquisition of Secur Fire Protection is an ideal start to the FSP platform given SECUR’s highly desirable revenue mix, blue-chip customers, and veteran leadership that brings a wealth of management and technical experience across both small and very large businesses. SECUR is poised to continue its trend of existing, high quality growth and should serve as a great growth catalyst for FSP in Eastern Canada”, explains John Cote, Managing Partner of SRM. “Our focus will continue to be on the customer, employee training, and investing in our capabilities. We are very excited to be in the fire & life safety industry – an industry we have grown fond of through building our Industrial Inspection & Analysis platform, which has grown to 18 offices in the U.S., Canada, and China in just a few short years. We are attracted to industries built on integrity and safety that allow customers to make better decisions and sleep easier at night.”

A Message From the Secur Fire Protection Team

The acquisition of Secur Fire Protection ensures that our valued employees and customers will continue to benefit from our company services for many years to come. Bernie, Catherine and Jeff worked tirelessly to find the right fit with Fire Safety & Protection, LLC to ensure our business takes the next step affording our clients with a heightened level of service and technology and our employees with greater opportunity for growth.

About Fire Safety & Protection, LLC

FSP is an emerging high-growth fire & life safety business committed to providing fire & life safety solutions to a diverse group of customers in Canada and the U.S, all with the highest level of customer service.

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About Sunny River Management, LLC

SRM is a private family investment firm focused on building great mid-sized businesses in a few select highly desirable industries. SRM builds its platform businesses through partnering with small businesses and investing in growth within those businesses as part of a larger platform. SRM takes a long-term view with its acquisitions and investments. SRM’s current platforms include: Industrial Inspection & Analysis, Fire Safety & Protection, and United Medical Imaging.

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